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The Salvation Prayer

God loves all of us, and He desires for us to have a real, authentic, and personal relationship with Him. He has so m...

A Prayer to Endure

Sometimes it’s so hard to understand why we go through what we go through, why there’s pain, and why there’s frustr...

A Prayer Against Depression, Anxiety, Self-hatred, and Guilt

"Father, I pray that you’d begin to wash our minds with your love. All of the shame, worthlessness, and sadness tha...

A Prayer for Unshakable Joy

Father, touch the inner most part of my soul with your joy. Allow my smile and laughter to fill every darkened, hur...

A Prayer of Repentance

"Father, I’m sorry. I’m sorry for the times that you’ve called me and I refused to answer. I’m sorry for the times ...
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