Praying In The Moment

Has anyone ever told you about a particular problem they were having, or a traumatic experience that they'd recently gone through, and the first thing you thought to yourself was, "I definitely need to pray about that when I get home"? Then, once you got home you remembered that you needed to cook dinner, make a phone call, catch your favorite TX show, walk the dog, and about 100 other things before ending your day? And, suddenly your 1 yawn turns into 2... then 3... then


K. O.

I'll admit it. I'm guilty of this myself. I'm guilty of once believing that the only time I was supposed to pray was in one particular location, in one specific posture, and at one set time. It seems kind of crazy when you break it all down and say it out loud, right? But, I believe Joyce Meyer says it the best in her book, The Power of Simple Prayer: 

"[Feeling the need to postpone your prayer] is a stall tactic of the enemy. Why not pray right that minute? We do not pray right away because of the wrong mind-sets we have about prayer. It would be easy if we just followed our hearts, but Satan wants to complicate prayer. He wants us to procrastinate in the hope that we will forget the matter entirely. Praying as we sense the desire or need to pray is simple, and it is the way we can pray continually and stay connected to God in every situation throughout the day."


So, the next time you feel the need to pray, just pray! Right then and there. You don't necessarily have to close your eyes, fold your hands, and kneel to the ground every single time you pray. You can simply have a sweet and simple conversation with God right in your head! While you're cooking dinner, while you're driving, or even while you're having conversation with your friends. You should feel free to give God your heart at any moment of your day.

Stay blessed.

<3 Maurissa

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